I have a esp-ex 400, and i have been using my old fender 15 amp with reverb built in, and i think it is time for a new amp...

Gigs? If so, how big?no, just at home.
Bedroom Rockin'?yes
Band Practice?no,
Willing to buy used?yes

i have a spending limit of 400 CAD, and i live in alberta canada, i was thinking that i would get a peavey vypyr 30
I have no idea what genres you like...I can't make a suggestion yet.

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vypyr 30 would probably be a good choice especially if you're playing rock/alt/metal (which i assume you do considering the guitar you have).

if you think that eventually that you will get into a band then you could step up to the 75 which would be better in a live/practice situation (you should be able to afford the 75).

although its not a necessity i'd consider purchasing a sanpera foot pedal right away or in the near future if you want to switch between channels and so forth. the sanpera 1 would be sufficient for in home and practice. the sanpera 2 has some extra functionality but probably isn't really worth the money in your situation.
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i play metal, tol and stuff like that

for a bedroom practice amp for metal then vypyr is probably your best bet.