i like my coffee a rich shade of hazel
not that it is more appealing to me in that fashion
i just like the color
and I also like the wind whipping at my lips
as I sit sipping milkshakes in the park
i like that cold, clamoring gust of sweet mid October breeze
i like the comfort of my old jacket, the one I bought at that flea market the other day
and my galoshes are also enjoyable, because they’re ridiculously over sized

it rained this morning by the way
and the divots of the old asphalt road are filled to the brim
infinite puddles, pristine in nature
as far as these strained eyes can see
i stepped in as many as I could, breaking the surface, disturbing the peace
stumbling home, perplexed by how Caulfield Drive hadn’t been repaved in as long as I could remember
oh, and the coffee was ready when I arrived
it was a bit too cold but I drank it anyway
i don’t mind