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Such a thing does not exist.

That's like asking what the best cereal in the world is.
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there is no one best brand - there are many good quality or even great quality brands of guitars. taylor, gibson, martin, santa cruz, collings, goodall, huss & dalton, froggy bottom - these are a few of the brands that make world-class guitars, and there are many more.
I've an Ibanez, i've begin to play acoustic guitar a short time ago and i love it. The sound is good.
Quote by Jake_the_cool
What is the best brand of acoustic guitar?

Go for an Esteban Jake.
In addition to the well-recognized brands like Martin, Taylor, Guild, and Gibson, there are at least dozens and likely hundreds of luthiers producing fine custom instruments; maybe just a few a year if that many.
"Best" is a subjective judgment.