The Black Keys might have what you're looking for? Or some of Jack White's stuff.

EDIT: That's some groovy stuff you got there, btw.
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Have you heard "fly farm blues" by jack white? And also the embryo no1 by Jimmy page at the start of it might get loud. Also dig into some of the white stripes stuff from earlier records, lords fuzzy bluesy stuff in them.

Edit: i second the black keys, howling for you, next girl and strange times are 3 that come to mind.
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yeah I forgot to mention fly farm blues...stuff like that.

But like..not most of their songs are like that.

I'm looking for slower blues...like fly farm blues or the samuel l jackson one.
True, how about Tom Waits? Mule Variations has a bunch of fuzzy bluesy stuff on it, also heartattack and vine, lowdown, Lucinda, ain't going down to the well, stuff from orphans: bastards and brawlers CDs. Going out west too.

Dust by augustana, it's got a really cool kinda fuzzy blues lead line.

Baby please don't leave me by buddy guy.
Old Black Keys. Visit the Blues and Jazz forum's thread dedicated to them for some specific suggestions.
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