lost in memories of urban decay,
we are leaving behind our gluttonous ways
and singing songs into the eternal sky
even as we wander the world alone,
carrying flags of fathers
who never loved us
billowing over our shoulders,
like new angels soaring into heaven
wings thrown earthward
feeling the company
of all of us- pioneers of solitude-
even as we wander
the world alone
Anatomy Anatomy
Whale Blue Review

Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me
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solidarity in solitude. i could point out that the singing songs into the sky/soaring angels feels a tad cliched and that it's all a little hard to pin down in reality due to the vagueness of the imagery, but at the end of the day, the message resonates and what more could you ask for? to take pride in our inadequacy is to never be inadequate again. much love.


and the title is wonderfully apt.
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brb, as usual.
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