I have an annoying buzz from my strings, and I don't think it's fret buzz.
Whenever I hit any of the 3 lowest strings, I hear a buzzing that sounds like it's coming from in between the pickups or somewhere near there.
Does anyone know what this is?
Your strings might be hitting your pick ups if they're too close together.

If not, try raising the bridge slightly.

OR, and this is a big OR, have you taken your guitar out of it's normal atmosphere for an extended period of time and subjected it to strains that would otherwise not be a problem at your house? Ie, very cold or very hot temps

It might have warped the neck slightly (worse case scenario)
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Try holding your finger/hand on different parts of the guitar while you play the string. If the buzzing stops when your hand is on a certain part of the guitar, you know that is where the problem lies and can start from there. Touch each pickup, the bridge itself, the nut, tuners, as well as different parts in the bridge: saddles, screws, etc. Try pushing down on the strings behind the saddles while you play as well to see if that makes it stop. Sometimes just adjusting the pickup height screws a small amount, or raising/lowering the bridge a small amount will fix the buzz. See what you come up with. Good luck!
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