Ello there! Now...first things first.


There we go. The thing is, I really want a good amp that I can say I built with my own two hands and in the end, maybe one day I can come back and say "I've built my entire rig by myself" (building own guitar will one day happen...I hope.) so at this point I figured the best place to start is at a very basic and average guitar amp kit. I'm looking for one that's basically for dummies just to get a real feel for things. Once I get more experience ( a lot more...) I'll jump for a JCM 800...favorite amp...ever.


tl;dr: Need a noob beginner guitar kit that I can be proud of when it's done and that will teach me a great deal about building amps.

Any other info is appreciated.
with your first project, you won't be proud of it at the end. after you make a few amps, you might be proud. but "first" builds are always hideous at least for me.
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Naked in the rain= I don't know much, but i'm more then willing to take it slow and learn what I can before I go face first into this stuff.

Demonic82=That actually helped me a lot and later tonight I'm definitely gonna read through a lot of that and study up.

Ecisthebest: Lol I'm not doing it alone however, My dad who's been working on electronics since he was about 20 is gonna help me out and explain stuff if I get stuck so I hope that'll help it from being too nasty.

The kits are through doberman, but there's a link from ax84. The kit that DLRocket built was an ax84 amp. I'd suggest the p1x for you. It's higher gain the the p1, but not overly complicated.