It's been quite a long road since the equinox, Madeline,
The odometer's been maxed out since about halfway,
Things are finished and it's like I'm sixteen again,
the only problem now is that now I know better.

I don't even feel like writing songs anymore.
I feel as thought they've lost their meaning since I've been over you,
I need this struggle to mean my words,
I need your arugments to make me sincere.

And so I thank you for what you've done,
I thank you for how you did it.
No courage, not honesty, no kindness,
No feelings unfelt, or word fabricated.

And so with you goes my passion for passion,
you're replaced, with elation, I might add,
You can try to make me jeaous, I'd encourage it,
afterall, I've got another album to write.