I'm looking to buy a new guitar and had a decent jam on this today. I liked it, but im not sure if its for me.

Body Korina
Neck Hard Maple
Finger Board Rosewood
Joint Set-in
Scale / Fret 634mm(25")scale / 22f
Nut Graphite
Nut Width 42mm(1.6535")
Head Machine Italia Die-Cast
Bridge Tune'o'matic
Stop Bar Combination Tail
Pick Up
Neck:Wilkinson WHHB
Bridge:Wilkinson WHHB
Pot 2 Vol + 1Ton.
Switch 3way toggle
Jack 1/4" Mono Jack
Hardware Chrome

Theres its stats, and its a decent price (i think) but im not a guru when it comes to guitars I know a abit but I was wondering if you could crit this for me and what you think about it. Its pickups etc. You can also find it on its web page http://www.italiaguitars.com/.

Price -

American - 660
Pounds - 426
Euro - 507
NZ - 899

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I had one and sold it and I wish I hadn't. Personally, I liked it, but I was juggling the guitar inventory and something had to go. Sounded great, kind of vintag-y pick ups. Comfortable neck that is fairly narrow.

There are some different styles of the Speedster. The models with the bizarre pickguard thing for the pots & jack I did not particularly like. Mine was plain (plus racing stripe!) with the pots & jack mounted through the body wood.

I really regret parting with it now, but I simply couldn't make my eyes believe that "Speedster Red" was not, in fact, pink.
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played one in the shop today. it was 300 euros, amazing guitar in my opinion.
i have a speedster one, its the same but with a single pickup on the bridge. they're great guitars for the price i love the wraparound bridge and the korina body sounds just like mahogany but much lighter, the tuners are solid and reliable but you may want to upgrade them at some point. overall they're great guitars and an extra pickup will probably improve it. its a little limited in sounds with one

EDIT: i have a review of the speedstar one on UG look it up
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i LOVE italia guitars, i hope to pick up one in the near future.
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