Is there any point to buy guitar pedals if you have a modeling amp? Modeling amps provide a wide variety of sounds, so it seems as if pedals become obsolete. I know you have more control of the sound when you have pedals, but would having pedals add anything to the modeling amp to make the sound better?
In most cases, pedals will make modeling amps sound like shite. It can be done, and it can be done well depending on what settings you have on the amp, and what pedals you're using, but why would you get a modeling amp if you're going to use pedals? Similarly, why would you want to use pedals if you have a modeling amp?
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It depends how good the modelling amp is. A Boss Distortion will not save a Line 6 Spider for example.
The answer is it depends. If you are wanting a pedal to make any amp sound like a JCM800 forget it but if you are wanting delay,chorus or flange they will work with any amp. But, most digital amps have effects built into them.

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you buy pedals becasue they can do what the modeling amp can, but better. and a lot of the times you can only use 1 or 2 effects at a time on a modeling amp.
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I've got arguably the second best modelling amp money can buy and I still use pedals with it. As others have said, there are some things that your amp simply may not have or may not do very well which pedals can do. For example, I have no need for distortion pedals, EQ pedals, chorus pedals, reverb pedals or a wah pedal any more but I do sitll have use for my DD-7 which can run a reverse delay effect and I still have a lot of use for my Micro POG which can do a twin octave effect. Neither of these are things that my amp can do.
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Also for switching effects off and on. If you only have one channel on your amp, putting a drive pedal in front helps diversify your sound on the fly.
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