Some of you may already be aware of a certain Rob Chappers on youtube, a real nice bloke who brings video regularly teaching guitar lessons and generally being a great guy.

Well, his band is in the running to be featured on Guitar Hero and it's decided by vote from the Top 10 bands.

Theres no sign up required and when you vote you get entered into a prize draw for a 360 and a copy of the new game.

These guys truly deserve the publicity they'll get from being in the game, guys.

Here's a link with them selected so you only need to stick in your name, email and number.

You can vote as many times as you like, I set up a macro to keep voting for them overnight and might've gone a little overboard (Over 9000 votes. Seriously.).

Click this link if you wanna check out the other bands.

EDIT: His band is Monkey Lord.
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you know what they say about nice guys.

edit: did it anyway.
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Yeah.. I definitely went overboard. I had 3 macros active, all voting continuously for them for about 7 hours through the night.

I hope I haven't ruined it

I could even give you a ball park figure.. About 13,000 from me alone.
Even if it was 13000 from you alone, they'd still be in quite a lead.


But Monkey Lord is the best one on that page anyways.

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Before even reading the OP, just the title, I knew it'd be about Chappers

I just watched his video a couple hours back. Awesome opportunity.

He seems like a great guy.
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