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I probably won't do much of a C4C on this piece. I don't really like it much and I'm more than likely gunna delete.
It's a ****ing stupid piece.

Anyway, feel free to comment, but don't leave an in-depth analysis. Save for it one of my better songs.

EDIT: I hate it so much that I don't want the word to hear it.
It's only like 40 bars or so of junk riffs and clown colleges.
And Compton G's.
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Forgot to attach.
My songs are all located here .
Feel free to drop by and crit a song.
Leave a link and I'll return a crit

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I honestly cant see why you don't like this, I think what you have so far is great and I'd love to see whatd happen if you finished it. assuming this is unfinished.
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Don't worry, the appeal to this series of noodlings is all due to the promise of potential.
I don't really hate it, but I can't really piece everything as cohesively as I want to. Plus, I usually write 3-4 pieces concurrently (not simultaneously, but close to it), so I have enough stuff going.

If I do comeback to this song, it's gunna be mostly black metal harmonies with hip-hop rhythms and mathcore weirdness sprinkled throughout.
Then again, it could be that appeal to potential that I was talking about...
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Went downhill when it started being more serious, IMO. The intro and the melody in bar 6 were brilliant, even if you delete the song I'd suggest you use them.
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This won't be a huge long crit (I'll give you a more in depth one if/when you post a song you enjoy), but it'll be something

I gotta agree with whalepudding... it went downhill once it got more serious. I LOVED it up until Bar 27, though. Really good melody. It's got a kind of "Bossa" vibe to it, imo. "Shits more Serious nao" sounds a lot like something Scale the Summit would make honestly.

If you took out the triplet thing and put a really nice transition there, it would be amazing. Other than that, though... It's pretty good. Definitely continue this (those riffs at the end though, wouldn't be very good in this song. Except maybe the second one for like a sadistic reinstation of the main melody).

C4C anyways? I'll even take a nibble! None of the new guys appreciate my stuff
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I loved every part of this file. The drumwork throughout was stellar... As was the basswork. And guitarwork. -_- I just love your style of riffing.

The intro was pretty incredible. I also don't see how the change at 19 had any effect on the quality of the song... I didn't think that the change to seriousness had any negative effect on the song.

Bar 40 was pure sex to me...

Bar 49 was my least favorite riff, but that was probably due to the lack of other instruments during that section.

Complete this, or at least use some riffs from it.