As its my first post im supposed to say Hello. But im gonna say hi because its easier

Going to buy new amp soon but im kinda out of money so budget is about 160-180 usd Im playing mostly Thrash/melodeth but also some classic rock. And here comes problem: Need cheap amp with nice high gain/mid gain and nice clean. At music store with this amount of money i can afford Vypyr 15w, used valvetronix 15w or cube 30 also used. Played on all of those and all sound good enough but also all sound diffrent. I dont play gigs yet but soon friend of mine is going to buy drums so it has to be loud enough. How you think which one should be best for it?
I would say save your money, not sure how well a 15w-30w SS amp will sound, volume wise, next to a drum kit.

But, with your budget, I would say look at an used Peavey Vypyr 30w

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Quote by Guitarbaddie
I would say save your money, not sure how well a 15w-30w SS amp will sound, volume wise, next to a drum kit.

Both me and the other guys in my band (another guitar player and the bass player) get by with 15watt amps.

But the Peavey Vypyr would be my choice too. 30watts and a 12" speaker... Yeah, i think it's worth it.
Plus, the Vypyr is really good for metal.
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The Vypyr range is good, but if I was you I would try get the 30w used or save up a bit more, the 15w doesn't have support for the pedal which is very useful and you will probably want in the future. Obviously the increase in power is good too, the 15w could probably keep up with a drum kit but you might lose a bit of sound quality.
I think ill wait a little and take vypyr 30. mustang sounds nice but seems weird without mid controller its also hard to find that one in Poland
^ Man it actually does
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