Hello all, hope this question hasn't been asked before; I couldn't find anything about it.

I bought a new set of strings (Martin 80/20 bronze, .011 - .052) two days ago and fitted them onto my acoustic guitar. I must have played eight hours max with the new set, and the bronze winding around the steel on the G string has worn away at the 6th and 7th fret.

I suspect this is due to a dodgy fret or two, but it hasn't happened before. Any advice?


Thanks, Si.
ive never seen that happen between the bridge and bridge pins but never near a fret. perhaps just a dodgy string, but the fact its right next to a fret suggests otherwise. dunno man, nothing sharp on that fret i wouldnt imagine. dunno
I've had a good look at the frets and found nothing sharp or uneven. I have been bending from the 7th fret on G, so if it is a dodgy string, I would imagine that's where it would most likely show first. Thanks for you comments.

EDIT: I've just spent a few minutes bending the G string at fret1 11 to see if the string would wear in the same way. Already there are quite obvious grooves where it is starting to go. I will not be buying Martin & Co. strings again!
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that happens to me too but on the 10th, 11th and 12th, but after more than just 8 hours of playing.
do you do bends near the 5th/6th fret a lot?
I sometimes bend around the 5th & 6th, but mostly, with this set of strings, I have been bending from the 7th fret. The strings are a little lighter than what I have used before... would that have anything to do with it?
Possibly.... In a lighter set the string windings would be of smaller-gauge wire.
Consider.... Heavier strings; or if you want to spend a few bucks, a set of frets with a more-rounded profile.
There are a variety of different fret styles available, and if you do a lot of bending the sharper-edged items might cause problems.
Check out the so-called "jumbo" frets which as I recall are designed to make bending easier.
still sounds like a sharp spot somewhere. i know people who use those strings with no issues.
Try bending the other strings at the 7th fret.
That should tell you whether it's the fret or the string itself (I'm thinking it's the string).
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I've also gave the D string a good bending (behave) at the 7th fret and it seems to be wearing the same. I can see a very small notch on the 6th fret, but I can't see anything on the 7th that would wear away a string like that. I had a look at the old G string I took off when I last changed them (had to rummage through the bin) and it seems there was some wear at the same fret. This must have only appeared in the latter part of the string's life as I hadn't noticed it before.

Would it be wise to change a fret or two? How would I do this?