i dig them, cool sound. do they have any music for sale or anything?

edit: nvm, i just say the self titled ep lol.
yeah man that eps great. they have a downloadable link for indelible mistakes, they did as just a downloadble single thing
as a child you don't miss an empty room
may i recommend listening to we stare at mirrors aswell. they've split up but they managed to put their ep up on their blog to download on myspace. great band
as a child you don't miss an empty room
I like their music, but they're dickheads. Char is an arrogant twat and his little mate Tosh who follows him around on tour is equally annoying (speaking from experience). Also, half of them are thugs who got arrested when they played here for fighting in a club (drummer from It Prevails was involved and is thusly being booted out of the band, I believe).

Rest of the band seem cool though. And I do like their EP.

Also, how can they be the best live band you've ever seen when you've apparently seen It Prevails?
My name is Danny. Call me that.
they came back to my house after we played with them and they seemed pretty cool. we got pretty stoned and started watching porn on the tv, babestation , something i never thought would have happened in my life hahaha
the drummer from it prevails came back as well because they'd swapped drummers for the vans because they'd had an argument like you said. i asked what was going on but he said it was because he didn't like the band anymore so he was leaving. nick from heart in hands left as well for similar reasons apparently.
it prevails are sickk i just find heart in hand a bit more entertaining to watch
as a child you don't miss an empty room
It's probably because I know all the words to It Prevails' set that I enjoy them more live. HIH were just twats in Aberdeen, and I can imagine the drummer making up that bullshit story about leaving to cover up the fact that he's getting kicked out for not being able to control himself.
My name is Danny. Call me that.