Unfortunately I'm finding that I play guitar less & less recently.
I'm putting this as just a feeler for now to see if anyone would be interested.
(also I may change my mind because its my dream amp)
Click here for specs
This is in perfect condition. When I say perfect I mean it. It shows no sign of use, no tolex scuffs or anything.
Theres one up on ebay for £1750 so something a bit lower than that would be a good start.
Remember these amps cost over £2k new & this is the same condition as when I first got it earlier this year.
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I want one of these so bad, but there is just no way I can raise that kinda cash... I'll just have to be happy with my Trilogy for now. Have a free bump for an awesome amp and a great trader

PS: Is this listed on eBay now?
I used to have a Trilogy too Yeah this is on ebay but I'd sell it on UG for less.
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Just had an offer of £850, My response "Try a trilogy"
Any serious offers?
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