Anyone ever heard of it? I heard about it from a friend, but the only info online are from a European site and an Indonesian site. Also found a demo on youtube..

Euro Site

Indonesian Site



So what do you think? Shit? Great? Meh?
btw the price on the Indonesian site equates to roughly $300
It's most likely part of Schecters Japan line. Many companies have guitars that are only released in certain areas. The best example I know of this is ESP's Original series, which are only in Japan, and are far superior than anything else ESP offers.

This might interest you somewhat. http://www.schecter.co.jp/catalogue.html

This too. http://www.schecter.co.jp/diamond/gt/index.html (The PT is the very last one.)
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Its not part of a Japan only line, its in the Diamond series (Korean made), its just a fairly recent model.
I haven't tried it, so I cant really say how good it is, but its probably very similar to the other Korean Schecters in terms of quality.