This is an instrumental I made when a really near friend had alot of problems in his life at that moment.

Everything except the guitar is made on Pro Tools (The guitar is recorded on Pro Tools. The guitar sound is not that good, as we only had a Roland Cube )

I really hope you enjoy it!
Reviews are recieved with thanks and happiness
I have been playing guitar for two and a half year now, started at the age of 15

Sincerely, Mark Railton
Have a great time!
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Very generic sounding.And i really hate your tone.Sorry for sounding so rude.but being honest.
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Very generic sounding.And i really hate your tone.Sorry for sounding so rude.but being honest.

I think it sounds pretty good. The sound quality could be clearer and crisper. The King 4 Ever should go for a little constructive criticism instead of being a dick about it. Tell him how to improve his tone instead of just telling him you hate it, nobody gives a damn if you hate it. We are doing this for help and opinions not assholes that just want to spout off something negative and then take off.
i agree with cloud8a.

Do you have the balls to post your stuff theking4everr?

It really irritates me when people put down other peoples work when they cant even give you pointers on how to improve it. Everyone is a critic.

I say keep going, its deff a start and dont sound generic. Good Luck
I kinda' liked this. The backing music works, and the soloing is very emotional. While generic, it's really very well done.

If you want to develop it further, I'd suggest either incorporating it into a song, (maybe as the solo to an 80s style power ballad, or something in that vein), or (if you want to keep it an instrumental) adding more and different parts - maybe adding a guitar part with some harmonies, or continuing the solo on another instrument (piano could sound good, I think).

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i enjoyed this relaxing, i'm sure your friend will have been cheered by it
impressed by your guitar playing, although it is quite predictive at a number of places(?) still, not necessarily a bad thing
keep it up sir!!
I really like it dude. I'm actually really like your guitar tone. Very emotional, and a very nice piece dude. I like when it starts to pick up around 1:20.

Btw, favourited it on YouTube!
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Massive props on this one champ, great work!

The composition's laid out well, and your use of recurring themes and motifs is great for the development of the piece. For two and a half years of playing, your chops are sounding at a very professional level; if you hadn't told us how long you'd be playing, I'd have guessed a lot longer with the level of control you work - fantastic work! On top of that, your intonation when bending is incredible - I still struggle with pitching, so it's always great to hear somebody who's been playing for less time than me already having such great control and ears - kudos!
Even during the faster parts when there's that little bit of noise (though nothing to worry about, mind), I really didn't care - there was such a natural character about it. The volume swells were a sweet touch too, and really added to the composition of the piece.
To echo the above, I'm sure your friend is very proud of your commitment toward both themselves and your music. =]

I haven't got many recommendations on how to improve the piece, but for future reference, experiment more and more with adding subtleties in how you approach notes; holding a note for a while before adding some wider vibrato in building sections, different levels of vibrato for tension and release, using glissando (quick slides into notes), and maybe even tapped harmonies down the track on repeated themes and phrases (it's a tricky technique, but if you're into instrumental guitar music, it's a great trick to have up your sleeve. Kiko Loureiro from Angra uses it a lot, and you can probably find some clips of him in Guitar World demonstrating some of Angra's vocal passages with this technique if you're interested).

Once again, I have to commend you for the great take, and for having such a professional level of technique for the amount of time you've been playing. Keep up the great writing and playing, and be sure to upload more of it here in the future.

If you have a minute, could you please pass on a crit to the Wonderful Slippery Thing in my sig? Thanks in advance!

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I liked it. I thought the tone was decent, probably add a bit more mids. Other than that I though the song was pretty good. How is this generic? (just wondering)