hi, i am saving for a new amp and decided on either cube80x or vt50, was going to go with the cube because of the extra watts and looper, now i've decided to wait and get the new vox VT+80, does anyone know when it comes out? or how much it will cost. If i have enough money i might go with the 120 watt version.
if they're not already out then they'd probably be coming out around Winter Namm time. I think that's in January? I wouldn't go higher than the 80 watts. I've got the original 50 watt one and I've honestly played 500+ person auditoriums with that and it wasn't even cranked up.
Rule of thumb- never buy a new amp as soon as it comes out. It's got no reputation, no (unbiased) reviews, no userbase, etc. Wait 6-8 months after when reviews start pouring in on MF and HC, and decide based on that.
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