Hey guys, I've uploaded 2 videos from my ipod, annoyingly though they were both filmed upside down. Does anyone have any idea how i can flip my videos? Theyre playing in quicktime but i dont think that program has a way of flipping it. May be wrong

Any suggestions?
thinking like windows movie maker, but I know for sure that adobe or final cut has the function just youtube it and you'll find something
Ok cheers for the suggestions, just put it into movie maker, and dragged the video files in but it's only showing the sound any ideas why? I recorded the vids on my ipod if that helps
I'm quite certain you're missing the codecs you need to play it.
What format are the videos?
As someone said above, final cut would do the job, as would After Effects


Windows Movie Maker can do it. You don't need expensive shit for such a simple task...
Anyway, if you could tell us what the format of the movie files is? I'm thinking .mov ... You may want to convert the files first to something like .avi , and then dragging them into WMM.