Okay.. so ive arranged a lesson tomorrow at 11am for my first real guitar lesson with a tutor ive been playing self taught for maybe a month and she mostly teaches folk blues and classical on acoustic or classical no electric
i believe she has a masters and was wondering if anyone has any tips on what to bring and or how to prepare and how to get the most from my lesson thankyou in advance community

oh btw the lesson is 40 mins for £14, so in summary what to expect and how to prepare and get the most from my first lesson tomorrow thx
-Bring a list of guitar and musical questions that you want answered.
-Anytime you have a question pop in your head, ASK. Don't just let it go.
-If its your first lesson, just bring a portable guitar like an acoustic. You won't be using it for playing as much as you will be using it for demonstrations and showing how to do things.

All your improving will be done during your practice times. In your first lesson, you will basically be learning how to do things right, its your job to actually improve on these things later. Always be forward with any questions, and while there is downtime during the lesson, try to think of more questions. That way you will get as much as possible during the lesson.
this is what i used to do with new students with experience of the instrument

i`ll ask them to play some riffs that they already know and watch there technique, i`ll ask them about where they want to go musically (what there influences are etc)

if you want to take your own instrument that`s fine but your tutor normally has some good quality guitars for you to use (both electric and acoustic)

you`ll probably end up playing for about 20 minutes and the rest is discussion and demonstration......and this will be the norm for the following lessons....make sure you practice what has been taught in between lessons otherwise you`l be paying to go over old ground.

if you don`t understand anything, speak up don`t wait until the end of the lesson or the next week, if you have a question midweek write it down and put it with something you take with you so you don`t forget it.

you might find that something he`s teaching you has no relevance to your musical direction, it will have but you won`t realise it `til later.

do your warmups before the lesson, otherwise you are paying him to for you to warmup.

loads of common sense stuff,but the amount of time i`ve sat there whilst i wait for a student to warmup and tune up etc....