I need help with my randall KH 120, I've pluged in the "big box" in external speakers and pluged in my guitar in Input, but it will not give me any sound! please help me cause i don't know what's wrong.

ok ill bite.....i use randall. soooo ill just give a simple list that u can answer.
1. did you check all your connections ie: cables for bad solder points.
2. are you using a speaker cable for your head to cab? and not an instrument cable
3. did you try other guitars on your stuff.
4. is the channel volume down to 0? most randalls have channel volume and a master volume

check the back of the amp to see if there is a fuse. the fuse could be shot as well.

hope it helps
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Thanks for the tips, but I managed to fix it myself, just needed to turn the volume up a little bit and use/turn up the effects on the module(s). But thanks any way (:
so what you are saying is that you were so suprised about not getting any sound, you went here and made a thread. but the last thing you thought about was 'TURNING THE VOLUME UP'?

you never hear this shit from a mac user.

just sayin'.

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