I need a compressor with a twist.

When Im playing bass in a studio/band environment and I switch from Fingered to slap bass, there is a great difference in volume therefore it sounds middly and shit basically too loud and distorted even on clean settings etc.

Basically I was wondering if there is such a compressor that ONLY compresses the loudness of notes down, not the quiet notes up aswell. I want to keep the quiet notes quiet but I need the louder notes to be compressed the hell down.

I hope you know what I mean it was pretty tough to explain you should get it though if you have even a basic knowledge of compression (Cos thats all i have.)

If not, any other tips on smoothly switching from finger to slap would be great.

I know close to nothing about using equipment and manipulating sound properly, but couldn't you just compress it and then turn it a down a bit?
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You'd want a limiter, not a compressor.

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Or tailor the settings to the sound you need for that specific song.
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set the threshold higher and increase the ratio to make it act more like a limiter.
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