Carvin DC747 - behold!

Mahogany body and neck - neck through construction
Birdseye maple fretboard with black dots
Flamed maple top with greenburst finish
Lundgren m7 in bridge, Carvin pups in middle and neck
LFR, which I have blocked off
Sperzel locking tuners

This is a brutal machine! The m7 is pretty compressed, gnarly and has great clarity. It basically sounds great with anything distorted. The other pups are pretty good, but nothing worth writing home about. I have a Blaze lying around from my Universe - I think I'll try that in the neck!
The feel of this thing is better than anything I've ever played. The neck is very comfortable, and riffing and shredding is easy up and down the neck. Upper-fret access is also excellent
The finish is also amazing and my pictures don't do the flame justice!
Basically, I think I've found my main 7 for a long, long time!
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Do want.
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How much you payed for it? Sweet axe.

Paid my Ibanez RG for it (which I paid 700$ + 250$ for pups)

So effectively, it cost me 950$ - if I were to order a new one from Carvin with those specs, I would end up spending around 2,8k$
Thanks guys - though I gotta say I'm a bit jealous of that other TC's deep dragonburst quilt
good god ......HNGD!!!
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thats gorgeous! i never get tired of looking at carvins. thats a hell of a birdseye fretboard too. my carvin bass also has a birdseye FB and its so beautiful to look at.

did you trade something like a 73xx/74xx or was it a 1527? id say you got the better deal since those lungrens arent exactly cheap.

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On paper, it was a great trade for me - and after playing with the guitar for a few hours, I am extremely satisfied!
Carvins are godly and that is a sexy 7 you have there my friend
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Beauty mate - The maple looks great with the greenburst! Can't wait to hear it. What happened to the mid and neck polepieces though?

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Speaking of Påganizers and vids/clips of the guitar, he has to come by sometime and do a guitar-cover of Icarus Lives, because I suck too much to do so :B
HEY! I saw that one on DBA.dk!

Congratulations, could have been mine if the seller had wanted to trade for my ESP LTD Viper + cash.
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HAPPY NEW GUITAR DAY FROM A FELLOW CARVINITE! well actually platinum member that is one killer guitar! love it!
I'm up for building you a pedal.
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The Blaze middle pickup from my UV is now installed in the Carvin, which gives me some sweet clean and lead single coil tones! I don't like the 2 and 4 positions that much, so I almost exclusively use 1, 3 and 5

Now I'm contemplating neck-pups. Liquifire 7 and PAF 7 come to mind