Hey guys im pretty new to synths.. i play keyboard a lto and whatnot but the thing is I aint got a keyboard at home (grand piano only) so... i am wanting to record a new album which is gona be mellow and progressive.. i realized i want some synth solos and whatnot.. ive got Native Instruments Massive. and i want to program it to get some sounds id love.. and also to know about the whole synth stuff.. like how dya use it and whatnot.. idk.. im new to it

and actually taklinag about sounds.. id like to get this buckethead-ish synth sound.. like praxis or the album Population override... and also Pink Floyd's Shine on you synth

Ive alraedy got some ideas and also got organ plugins and whatnot but this one is kinda ... ... you know... problemish

thanx in advance V
You should get a Midi keyboard and plug that into computer. Then you can open your DAW and activate Massive in the program, then create a Midi track and assign the track to an instrument within Massive.

At least, this is how it works with Reason/Cubase. There should be plenty of tutorials on Youtube and whatnot.
Population Override is actually an analog electric piano. A Fender Rhodes I think.

You should use lots of electric piano (sometimes labeled EP) sounds, and maybe some weak tremolo and rotary speaker on it to get that panning sound.

Also, you might want to use some organs too.
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just sayin'

also, google some basic synthesis terms and techniques, like ADSR and square/sine and oscillators etc.
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Check out the book power tools for synthesizer programming.

Great book and covers a lot of the basics and even advanced stuff on synth stuff.