Agile. Check out the fixed bridge sevens.
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AGILE ALL THE WAY!!! These guitars are awesome as hell. I have an Intrepid, not the pro, but it still kicks. Quality instruments at a very reasonable price. Screw the deans. Rondo does extended range correctly.
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Alright well, I very desperately desire a 7 string guitar for under 400 dollars, so far I've only found this:


Now, I despise deans, please tell me if there are more options available. D:

Actually ive heard good things about that guitar...which confuses me Ive also looked at many reviews on it and they normally consist of the same thing: Change the pups and set it up properly then it'll be good.

I would prefer to get an Agile but have a Dean already and cant complain....whatever floats your boat i guess.
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Go used!

I picked up my RG7620 for $400. MIJ quality plus a Lo-Pro Edge (comparable to the OFR in terms of stability). If you want a fixed bridge, you could find the RG7621 in the same price range as well.
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Go used!

I've definitely been considering it, I got my RG Prestige used for 400 dollars in a pawn shop in my town. Fantastic guitar.

As for Agiles, I've heard a lot but never gotten to give one a shot. I'll definitely have to.
i've got an sr 370 from rondo. about 200 bucks, it sounds beautiful, asides from the pickups being a little weak.
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i got a sweet arse 7 string by Davison for only 200. (ebay) i tried against some prominent companies (schecter, ltd around the $400 range) it held its own quite well.

Sometimes the risk pay off. Just saying. Also rondomusic dude. (the Septor is the only model under 400 though)
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Schecter has a bunch of budget 7 string's and you really can't go wrong with Schecter they're probably the best quality guitars available for the price you pay
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schecter, agile, or a 7321 is the only way to go for under $400 (assuming US and not AUS or anything?)

for a brand new guitar that is.

all IMHO before anyone gets butthurt.
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