Ok, so my first time fully wiring a guitar has gone wrong. Really wrong in fact. I need help identifying the problem and working out how to solve it.

I have a jackson dinky which had volume pot issues, so I took out all the electronics, got a new volume pot and have wired it today in the following way. I would give a wiring diagram I used, but I could have misread it so I'm going to explain.

Input jack has 2 wires, red and white. Presuming the white was ground and the red was hot I wired the white one to the 3rd lug (left to right) and the red hot wire to the 2nd middle lug.

The humbucker is an irongear hot slag. The 2 coil splitting wires are taped off, the red hot wire is wired to the 1st lug, and the 2 black wires, I wound together and soldered to the top of the pot.

The ground wire that jackson put underneath the pickup is wired the the guitar control panel wall, the ground wire from the wall is attached to the pot, and the ground wire from the bridge is directly from the bridge to the pot.

The only thing I can think of at the moment is that possibly I'm not meant to have wired so many ground things together. Or that the fact that I haven't soldered the third lug to the put itself may be affecting things. Or that the fact that I accidently ordered a 1000k pot may be messing the guitar up.

All in all, it is really really quiet and sounds completely clean compared to any other guitar I have put through the same amp on the same settings. There is a little buzzing but not much more than when I use any other guitar, and when I touch the bridge a different buzz is made - I presume this is a grounding issue too.

All in all, I know something went wrong but I don't know what yet.
the wiring thread would've been a better place for this, but gimmie a minute and I'll address your post bit by bit..

edit: actually, take it over to the guitar wiring thread, and provide a little more information. like do you have just one pickup one tone? or whats the layout?
maybe make a diagram yourself of exactly how you wired it

and the 3rd lug of the volume pot should be soldered to a ground point, like to the back of the pot
the 1Meg pot shouldn't make any problems really..just make it brighter
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^you're right that a stereo jack work just fine with a mono output. just make sure you use the proper lugs (and double check, cause I've mixed them up a couple of times myself )
Thanks. I think its wired to the correct lugs because I've not changed it. Just pulled it out and dropped it back in again later.

I've now made the change and attached the third lug to the pot by a separate wire, and the sound is distorted as it should be, but now the feedback is insane, I can barely hear the guitar for the hum.
hrm :/

when you say feedback, are you talking about feedback like you'd hear when the amp volume is up too loud, or do you mean just general unwanted noise?

what happens when you touch the bridge or any other grounded metal part?
Pretty sure its a grounding issue. Its very unwanted noise, I'm playing through a 100watt peavey solid state, but its only on low volume and theres just a general buzz. When I touch a metal part the buzzing sound gets louder so I figure its ground issue.

I have a theory about why it's doing it. All my ground wires are attached to the pot but they might all be connected by like stray bits of solder between the joints, so I'm thinking that maybe they are all kind of wired together whereas the ground wire to the bridge should be separated from the rest of them. Thats my current theory. But then I don't really know about this stuff.
maybe you just saw it wrong the first time or something

like, you left the red and white wires soldered as they were on the jack, but they must've been reversed at the pot's connection

but anyway, glad it's all working
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That worked! fantastic.

Why did it need to be wired the other way though? That was the way it was wired before and I hadn't changed it - all I'd done was unscrew it and check whether it looked like it needed replacing or not.

I'm assuming you pulled active pickups out of your guitar? If that's the case then the grounding is pretty much backwards, actives ground through the stereo jack, and passives ground through the guitar(the bridge).

Glad you got it fixed.