'Sup, I made this thread before but it kinda died, I have a few other questions anyway,

I have a Liberty L106GX (or something like that). It's an SG ripoff and is running off one pickup (the other electronics died and I cba to replace).

Only thing is, I never used the other pickup, I might not replace the electronics and instead use the space for the battery for active electronics.

I already have a few "new" electronics, most of which are already dodgy in some way, I was thinking rip those out and buy an active electronics tone pot and a new volume pot, and use the orange drop cap from last time.

Only problem is, the tone pot doesn't work at all atm. I've tried many wiring diagrams, completely new parts, everything. Absolutely no luck at all, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, and nobody could figure out. Is this likely to screw up the active electronics tone pot? Also, since I'm going to use a stereo jack for power switching, am I alright using a mono cable? and is there any risk the 9v supply will leak into the guitar somehow and screw things up?


I was thinking the first or last one, I play mostly heavy and southern rock. Current pickup is an Irongear Rolling Mill.

Also, where the hell does audio in/out connect? And do I still use the drop cap?


What does cba mean?

How are you gunna cover the space? You don't want the battery showing.

Active=25k pots usually.

Yes your alright with a mono cable. Can you tell us what diagram your using now? Go to the ultimate wiring thread. I DOUBT that the battery will leak unless you leave the guitar in your basement for a decade.

I'd do the last one. The top one kind of worries me in the since that you have 4 levels of distortion, that are non adjustable.

I don't know, head over to the wiring thread.