When I worked at a major chain music store, is "aquired" a collection of various string pack. Last night, I was restringing my Jackson DKMGT for a series of shows coming up. Strings off, polished and cleaned before I realized that the pack of my reg strings was empty (I keep them in the case for ref).

I panicked and went to my stash. I went with Ernie Balls - Not Even Slinky

Gauges: 12-16-24p-32-44-56

These things are like sticks. I tried some diff picks and trie dplaying a bit diff, it's rough. I play in D Standard. We'll see if they stretch out a bit tonight at practice.
I'm having a hard time hitting my common pinch harmonics and some bends are tricky, but I'm willing to work it out.

So, my question is, have ytou ever HAD to use very diff strings from what you are used to. Why did you switch and how did you adjust??
I've never been in a situation where I was forced to use a set of strings per se but when I had my Ibanez set up for Drop C I used Ernie Ball Not Even Slinkys' myself and considering I had been using Super Slinkys (9-11-16-24-32-42) on my tokai SG (in standard tuning) the switch took a while to get used to.

I got used to them however and played that guitar almost exclusively for months and months and got used to it, meaning whenever I came to play my SG the strings just felt too weird. In the end I changed my Tokai strings for the Ernie Ball Power Slinkys (11-14-18p-28-38-48) and felt so much more comfortable using it.

Seems I've got from a huge fan of thin and slinky strings to being a chunky man, so to speak.

What strings do you normally use, out of curiosity?
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No wonder you're having problems with them if you're in D standard, those are the kind of stings I use for drop B :P
I played Ernie Ball regulars for a really long time because I teach guitar so I have to play in standard a lot, but the band I play with plays in D standard/ Drop C, and my original stuff is Drop B.. so the strings got really floppy sometimes. I didn't have a problem with them staying in tune when I was in Drop B, but everything was very delicate.. vibrato and bending was very easy and you had to be super tight with everything you played or it would sound out of tune. Once I got used to it though (after keeping it in Drop B for a few days and playing everyday) I could do some really awesome things in terms of bends/vibrato. The only problem I experienced was muddiness in the tone.. I ABed my guitar (Jackson SLSMG with active EMGs 81/85) vs. a 7-string Schecter, not exactly sure what model but the price tag was $1250 and it also had active EMG pickups, so it was pretty decent. I tuned the 7 down to drop A, which is a whole step below what my 6 was in.. and it sounded a lot sharper and clearer.

Recently I've been playing much more with my band though so I bumped the gauge up on my strings.. first I tried power slinkys, and I don't have anything against them but I kept hearing good things about DR strings so I picked up a set of the DDT strings, (11-54) and they're awesome. They stay in tune and after playing on them for a while I've gotten used to the thicker strings, and in all honesty it's much better than having regulars tuned down and being sloppy. The only problem I had was that the A string was so big it actually took a while to press itself into the nut :|.. haven't had any problems with it but I'm a little hesitant to lower the guage back to regular, just in case I messed the nut up.
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No wonder you're having problems with them if you're in D standard, those are the kind of stings I use for drop B :P

that's might be your preference but I played with 13's in Eb and I found them to be perfectly fine
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I had to switch from my D'Addario XL Light Jazz Gauge(.12-52s with a .24w G) to some XL Blues/Rock Gauge(.11-49) strings over the summer because the only guitar shop in town that doesn't either charge $20 or try to force crap on me while I'm there(Long and McQuade, that's you. >_> for a set of strings didn't have .12s in stock and the set I had at the time was a month and a half old and I was getting rust on my fingers playing. And...it was horrid. They weren't much, if any, bendier than my .12s, my tone sounded WAY wimpier/thinner(I got a beefier tone from .10s on both my guitars...o_O), and the unwound Gs were rusted within 2 weeks on both guitars. The shop STILL doesn't have .12s in stock, so I went and spent some savings money on .12s a while back and now I'm due for two new sets. Needless to say, I'm sticking with .12s. o-o
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i always used ernie ball slinky's but since i have my les paul is used gibson bright wires. loved them to death.

last july i bought a charvel san dimas and the set-up guy put .10's on it for me, only thing i forgot to mention was i absolutely hate d'addario... guess what went on.

so yea no d'addario for me, way to much harsh for me. gimme flexible ones.