im trying to play some stuff thats a little more difficult, can someone recommend me a good satriani song to practice? im not too familiar with his music but i like what little of it ive heard.

please nothing with ridiculously difficult sweeps, i can only play 3-4 string sweeps clean.
Crystal Planet. My favorite of his actually. Not too complicated at all just fun. Also Summer Song. Opens up with harmonics.
Rubina, Driving At Night, Always With Me Always With You, all good songs.
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ten words, most part is pretty easy but the solo is a little bit harder so it's a decent practice in my oppinion
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Try out Satch Boogie. It's a great song. Or Surfing with the Alien. Very good song, and very catchy.
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Cool #9 is one of my favorites. The intro and main riff are pretty simple. As far as the solo, there are some slower "bluesy" parts, but it does get a lot more difficult.