Hello there chaps, a while ago, i asked thou people in this thread for assistance in a contest, a contest that involved voting. That contest was the TTK Randall one. Well, it has arrived. Without further ado, here's pics, plenty.

The amplifier has a good sound, MUCH MUCH better than the crap SS practice amp i had, but it has loads of low-end.

Well, it's kind of bright due to the strat i'm using, the EQ for it is dead center in all except gain, and it has a brilliant sound already. It's a very balanced sound and under the gain and bass knobs there's a Bright switch, which to my ear hads a bit more mids to it, it's already bright with a it off using a strat but turning it on kind of highlights the "honkey-tonkey-ness" of the strat sound. I'll have to try another guitar through it, like an LP or SG and see how it is. So far, love it.

Like I said before, it has loads of low-end, lowering the bass knob just takes the crisp out of the sound, I do like the "oomph" it gives to the sound, but it CAN be too much.
The highs aren't destroying your ears with harshness, which is a good thing, but they're a bit creamy. Mids, well, i used a shitload of mids with my practice amp, and a part of me feels "MORE MIDS, NOW", but i kind of like how the mids work here, if you set them about the same level as the bass, it doesn't sound scooped at all even though the massive low end is still there, and it kind of gives a powerful sound.
If you decide to scoop the mids here, well, just tinker with the bass and treble a bit and the generic core sound is achieved, something i don't like, but since i'm not scooping them, no issue here. Overall a nice sound, a bit boomy though.

The gain itself, well, i don't really do high gain stuff, but the amp does it well enough, mid-gain is decent to good, you need to find that sweet spot, low gain is just, well, use the clean channel with high gain, it's pretty good.

It came stock with Ruby 6L6 tubes, I've heard EL34 tubes have a bit more mids to them (very basically speaking) so I'm considering a change, the back of the amp has a "friendly-bias" feature, which allows you to easily bias the tubes, also there's a very good access to the tubes themselves, although you do have to remove the back grill. I need to research tube biasing and if the change is worth it, but i might do it.

All in all a great amp, definitely NOT for everyone due to the giant bass wall. I have to try it in a band situation to see how it cuts through, but i am afraid it'll make the overall band sound a bit muddy. The sort of sound I'm going for is a sort of Racer X sound in the Second Heat album, Hammer Away track, the beginning chords, a powerful sound that i love, I've been tinkering with the amp all afternoon, I need to get to know it better, but i do think it'll get that sort of tone. One last note, DON'T let the pictures fool you, this thing is HUGE.

This is my first tube amp AND my first review, i tried to make it a fair, honest, and deep review, if i failed somewhere or missed something, do let me know. Take it easy on me though

Also, a video will probably be done tomorrow afternoon, and thank you for the amp UG
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
I've been really interested in seeing how the new RT series does. I feel like I haven't heard a lot from Randall recently. Can't wait for your video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nothing says "metal" like a grill you can bounce a bottle of jack daniels off of.

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Wait so you won that? Nice.
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Wait so you won that? Nice.

Yup, all thanks to UG, you can check how through my sig if you want, although i wouldn't post on the thread, it's dead by now.

EDIT: Footswitch pics

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No ego-inflating quotes nor stupidly long signatures to be found here.

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Bands/Artists of the month; Marco Sfogli, Marco Sfogli and Marco Sfogli .

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^lol'd at the sig, adj209
so TTK isnt a scam?
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