With, but they're usually so terrible that changing them is a must anyway.
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Squier Precision Bass Special in Antique Burst (LH)
Rotosound Swing 66s, 45-105

On slapping on a bass:
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pretend its a woman
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Where are you buying it from? If it's a local store, then most likely no. But I don't know of any store who wouldn't throw in a free pack of strings. If you're buying it online from some place like musiciansfriend, then I would hope so, but you never know. You might want to call the seller directly to negotiate free strings. Couldn't hurt.
think of it like in a clothing store. some people try on clothes, but they dont buy it. so its technically been worn, but only for 2 seconds

same with basses as stores (in my opinion). usually people sit down and only test them for 2 minutes and move onto another bass. the strings will be used, but not abused. you will run fine on that set of strings until you feel the sound becomes way more dull