i was messing around and came across the white horse 60w tube amp+4x8 Cab and i was just wondering if it was any good?????.
One of the guys in my band came across this amp. Quite frankly is sucks. I wouldn't waste your money buying it. The fact that it's a stack doesn't make it any better, I'm sorry to say.

If you're looking for a new amp post your budget
genre of music you play (post bands)
New or used?
Tube or SS?
Current gear?

etc etc
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It's not a tube amp. It has one single preamp tube, but everything else is Solid State. Plus, what's with a 4x8 cab?

But here's a guy playing one, you be the judge if you like it or not.
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White Horse is a name created by a company called Gear For Music, in order to hide the fact that it's made by them, and therefore hide that fact that it sucks ass.

It's not a tube amp at all, it's hybrid, and not a good one at that. Also, you get what you pay for, it's cheap because it's not very good.

Those tiny 8 inch speakers are going to sound very tinny, and strange, no matter what amp you're driving them with.
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oh right thanks a lot guys. i might just give this one a miss and get the kerry king or zakk wylde EMG set instead