I'm looking for recommendations on a good 'guide' book on acoustic blues/country.

I say 'guide' because I dont really want a tutorial-style book (eg learn by following lessons). I know the basics - chords, scales, 12 bar patterns, etc (thats not to say i'm anything near to being an expert - far from it!)

I'm really looking for something to dip in and out of - with good ideas and examples of licks, patterns, solos, etc. Maybe with a bit of slide included. Some uptempo chunky, rattling blues chord progressions that I can make my own and develop. That kind of thing... Not sure if anything like this even exists, but if anyone has any ideas i'd be very pleased to hear them!

My inspiration are artists/bands like The Wood Brothers, The Avett Brothers, Kieran Kane, Justin Townes Earle, Colin Linden, etc

Cheers guys