I'm currently seeking to completely change my guitar rig and this is starting with a brand new amplifier. For 2 years i have had a line 6 spider III 175watt head and a Line 6 4X12 cab. I hate it! I regularly gig with my band and the Line 6 just does not cut it live at all. Too many faults and i am not a fan of relying on a computer as an amplifier. As a result i am getting rid of it and would like some advice on some great amplifiers to look at. I play primarly alternative rock with warm clean tones and high overdrive. I would like to move up to a tube amp and my budget is up to around £2000. I have been looking at Mesa Boogie as all my favourite bands use them and i know all about their stellar reputation but i was just wondering what other amplifiers would suit my sound. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
buy a used jcm 800 with a marshall 1960 A or AV and mod the hell out of it
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With that money you can get some serious gear...I personally would buy the Diamond Nitrox. That's close to your budget with no cab though If you look used you will get more bang for your buck so to say.
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Thanks for the replies guys. I've checked both amps out and i like. I think the Diamond Nitrox is a very funky looking piece of kit. My only concern with it is the fact that from the videos i've seen where it's reviewed, it doesn't seem to quite have the punch to be heard above bass and drums etc.