been jamming away at a little excercise i found on here, that involves jumping between 2 strings, using strictly alternate picking, and a metronome and playing in 16th notes.

i played the lick slowly a few times to get familiar, then started the excercise at measly 50bpm (which for the maths whizz's out there is of course 200 notes to be played overall for the whole run). i couldnt do it for a whole minute without either:-
a. messing up and getting the picking pattern wrong,
b. playing the wrong notes or totally losing the time signature (not used to using a metronome in my defence)

any got any advice, coz it must be my finger co-ordination thats the main cause, im just no good at technque analysis, and really need some1 to give me a helping hand !!

Thanks !
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Have you just found it today?
It takes time to learn a new pattern and then speed it up, in few days you should be allright.

Besides it is pretty tedious to play 200 notes all at the same pace so of course you will make mistakes just because it's so boring.

I wouldn't think too much of it.
sounds like you may be new to alternate picking, I recomend starting with quarter notes first, then changing to eighth notes, then trying sixteenth notes. It takes tim e to learn, and if your trying to combine sixteenth notes with alternate picking before your ready, it becomes quite difficult.

Also try to practice just a chromatic exercise jumping between strings with alternate picking, some thing like this:


Then do it in reverse. This should help with switching between the strings, make sure to alternate pick. You can also try to do this on a smaller scale by switching between two or three strings.