Hi, i'm planning a 2-week trip to NY quite soon. I was wondering if someone could tell me where to go for anything that has anything to do with music:

some nice live music bars-some live blues, jazz, rock?

Some pawn shops or flea markets with vinyls or guitars?

A good guitar store?

Thanks in advance.
Go to the Top of the Rock at Rockafeller Plaza, and have Rose Pizza at Penn Station
Agile Intrepid 8
S-gear Scuffham Amps
Rivington Guitars is a wonderful little shop:


Well worth a visit if you get the chance. Enjoy your trip.
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Thanks for all the suggestions, I especially like the Mandolin Brothers, Top of the rock and Central park ones. Do you think that visiting stuff like Grand Central or Museum of natural history or Metropolitan museum of art or statue of liberty is worth it?Maybe someone knows about something really cool to see yet never mentioned as the main attraction
just stroll around the village, soho, and lower chelsea/union square. you'll find loads of stuff. Basically start at 14th street and work your way down to Houston and beyond.
Also, having a maps application on your phone can be a HUUUUGE help.