i am recording my amp with the effects loop going in to my interface(works pretty good)and using cab impulses but when i record in reaper there is no audio waves(i dont know the correct name for them)it is just a flat line but there it still audio on it.It just makes it really hard to line it up with other instruments.So can someone help me figure out why it isnt showing any audio waves?
sorry to double post but i just thought of something.

it is peaking just under -42 db so the audiowave might be there but be to small to see cause i am using a exciter to boost the sound that i hear but since i am running out of the effects loop i cant change the output volume of the effects loop.Or can I?

also this has nothing to do with reaper now because it would do it in any program
turn up the volume. i aim for peaking around -12dB while recording, or thereabouts depening on the input. -42dB is really, really quiet, and i dont know how thats cutting it for you. so turn that sucker up. input volume on the amp, boost pedal, preamp level on the interface, buy a dedicated preamp, just need to do something.
the master volume on the amp does nothing to the effects loop volume and all i have is a ux1 and i am running it into the instrument input.i dont have any pedals but is there something i can do with a vst?