I have a Philips 26'' LCD that doesnt support 1080p.. so for playing Halo Reach should I be using 720p or 1080i for best picture quality and performance?
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Try it and see what you prefer.

But, 1080i will just be an upscaled 720p, so 720p may be better.

I learnt recently that 360 games advertised as supporting 1080 as well as 720 are actually just 720 native, whereas PS3 actually only advertises native resolution.
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Its 720p Native so its going to be the same resolution whether on 720p/1080i/1080p screen. Only difference is the screen size
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Ahh interesting. I just switched from 1080i to 720p and it seems a tad smoother. Colors and explosions look a little better too..
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'p' settings handle movement better than 'i', and on a 26" screen, the extra however many pixels aren't worth the blurry motion. Which there is a LOT of in Reach. Brilliant game.
Higher numbers=more pixels=better picture, but theres a downside to switching from P to I. P stands for progressive scan, which means the lines of pixels refresh top to bottom (i believe) one at a time, in order. I stands for interlaced which means the pixels refresh every other line, then come back and fill in the gaps.

Essentially, 1080 is a noticeably better resolution , but progressive is a slightly better "format."(?) Your choice.
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And, though this may be completely wrong, I played Oblivion on both 720p and 1080i. It seemed to me like there were more aliasing artifacts (I know that isn't right, but I think you should know what I mean) in the 1080i resolution.

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I find 720p is generally smoother.
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