This might be the wrong place to ask. But it seemed to be the best choice.

I was wondering if there is anyway to turn old computer speakers (The amp inside them more specifically) Into a power amp of any kind?

Any thoughts or schematics/pictures would be greatly appreciated.
Well, no schematics or pictures, but it could be done. Typically, the amplifier in computer speakers isn't all that spectacular. They are usually under-powered. The other issue, is they may not contain the preamp needed to amplify the signal enough to be useable. Without a preamp, not only might it not be loud enough, but you'd also not have a way to get distortion without cranking it up really loud. You'd really be better off buying a Roland Microcube, or something similar.
but say I do want to go about it. How would I turn it into a power amp?
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You will be on your own here because they are all different and almost no-one has done this..

Basically you will have a stereo or 2.1 amp inside the box and the speakers. Throw the speakers away and keep the rest. If they are simple stereo speakers you have two amps ((probably on one circuit board) and a power supply. You'll need two speakers one for each amp.

You'll also need a pre amp as the signal from a guitar won't be enough to drive the amp unless your guitar is active.

By all means play around with this and you'll start learning but you need to start reading and be careful of any mains voltages in the box.