I am thinking about becoming an intern at a local recording studio. Can someone with experience tell me some of the things i might be doing if i decide to go for it?
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Without wanting to crush your hopes, I don't think that you have a shot at either in this day and age unless you have a close contact on the inside.
Staion sounds like a cool word...

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I was an intern at Blink Studios up in Cambridge, MA.

I mainly handled a bunch of marketing stuff for the studio. Beyond that, I did a little guitar tech work in the studio. The owner and the second engineer showed me some mastering stuff.

Then I flyered. A lot.

Lots of little errands for the owner, such as going to buy light bulbs or thank you cards.
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I went to a studio for a day. Might aswell not have gone. If you're a social cripple like me, don't try it. I just ended up sitting there while the band took the piss out of me for being ridiculously shy.
I took a few Music Tech classes. A lot of them involved watching a really long Pro Tools instructional DVD. I then got to mix a song that someone recorded. It didn't turn out so well. I don't remember how to do anything in pro tools now.

So yeah, if you're lucky, you might get to mess around in Pro Tools for a bit, because they can undo everything you did.

EDIT: Did I mention it was boring and tedious?
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