Ive recently began playing more intermediate stuff and realized that i could use some new gear since i have the money saved up for it.
Ive been playing a cheap strat copy through a roland cube amp 10W and i have never really payed attention to gear since i wanted to get a decent technique first.

What im looking for is a sweet classic rock tone like Thin lizzy or Deep purple but still be able to handle some heavier metal.

Budget: 1 500 Euro: 2 000 $ split even amp/guitar

The two guitars i have checked out are

Schecter Blackjack C1


Both mahogany bodies, rosewood fretboards and Seymour Duncan JB and '59,

When it comes to amps im clueless, havent really checked out any specific model.

Could really use some help in picking out both amp and guitar so feel free to come with any tips and let me know if any of those guitar are worth the money.
I was in the exaxt same position as you a coupe of months ago, cheap strat copy through a roland. And just let me start by saying the difference you'll notice with good gear is actually amazing.

As far as the guitars go I can vouch for ESP as I've found them to be really good, although that's as far as I'll go as I have no knowlege of those two guitars in particular.

As far as a great classic rock amp goes, I got a Marshall dsl401. It's an all tube amp, fantastic warm overdrive and beautiful tone. I love it for classix and hard rock. It doesn't do metal particularly well but I'm looking at getting a booster pedal to boost the signal to overdrive the tubes more and I think then it will be really great for metal too. But as far as rock goes you can't go wrong, it really is a fantastic amp pretty much right on your budget. Totally reccomend it.