I was looking online at guitars and I found these two.

"Fender Standard Strat"

"Fender Standard Stratocaster"

Are there any major differences between these two guitars? Is the second one worth the price? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The bridges look different, but that could be lighting. Other than that, finish options. I'm not really sure why there's a price difference. Call and ask?
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My guess is the year. Fender sometimes likes to change the bridge from time to time, but im not certain about that.
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compare the "specification" tab on each page, the Stratocaster has a choice of fretboard wood, different body wood, different machine heads and a different headstock logo
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One of the things I noticed was that one was made of Poplar, one is alder. Look at the specifications and you will see.
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Agree with ^. The main difference I can see is the wood the body is made from. Poplar is quite cheap as far as I know, whereas alder is more expensive & features on higher end guitars. That last statement is a generalisation. True in my experience but there may be exceptions.
It's the wood. Poplar = light
Alder= Sexy

Other than that, the second one has a gib bag lol
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The Fender Strats were never poplar, although to be fair poplar and alder are virtually the same. It's just that one is old stock (hence it's under clearance) whilst the other is new.

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It's the wood. Poplar = light
Poplar is usually slightly heavier than alder so I dunno where you're getting that from.
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