Ok i have an ibanez edb600 with passive pickups and an active eq. I was playing with it on monday, and i left it plugged in for like 5 min while i got water. when i got back the bass was 100% dead, and i tested it everyway possible. The next day i replaced the battery for the eq with a brand new one thinking that would help but it's still dead. Can anyone offer advice/help please?
Make sure all the solder connections everywhere are good. Try another bass or guitar with your amp or try a different cable.
i tried all of my cables and they work with my other bass and with the solder connections, short of them not being attached, how will i know somthings wrong with it?
Do you have another bass you can try with your amp?

Is there any sound coming out of the amp at all, even just buzzing?

Can you try your bass with another amp?

Do the knobs do anything?

Are you sure that there are no disconnected wires in the control cavity, especially near the jack.


as i stated before, i tried it with another bass and it worked fine, and i'm not sure i'll try to check