Alright, so.

My stepson and my wife went to the movies to see Tomorrow When the War Began (they said it was okay) and decided to go back home quickly because I would be home from work.

Soon after they arrived we had a family talk so my step son decided to go to his room to work on his Runescape.

Meanwhile we are still downstairs, and I go to my wife and say "Your son took a shit on the carpet..."

I go on to explain that when I got home I saw "Human Shit" on the living room carpet and I believe that my stepson, before going to the movies, squatted on the living room carpet, and took a nice, steamy dump just to displease me when I got home.

I go on to say that I was 100% sure it was "Human Shit" because I recognize "Human Shit".

My theory: We have a dog. HE knows where to shit. My stepson does not.
Pit, How do I react to this?
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where were you when a spider was sexually harrassing me in my bedroom? >

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Dude, you are so fucking late. This isn't even funny.

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Yup, a girl went up to me in my fursuit one time.

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Shit on his pillow and blame the dog.