Can someone please explain why the Jonas Brothers are advertized on this site so damn much. Do they think this is the place all their fans go to or what?
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I listen to them. You don't? Then you're not welcome here.
I'm pretty sure the advertising service automatically scans the page and displays vaguely relevant ads. Since this is a forum about music and guitar, then it's not unlikely for a band to be advertised.

Also, because The Pit secretly loves them, as well as Justin Bieber, the ad service sees their names in a bunch of posts and is more likely to show them.

Also, use adblock and stop complaining.
Can you please explain to me how this adversely affects you in any way whatsoever?
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December 14, 2017
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I listen to them. You don't? Then you're not welcome here.

I'm with him.
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Well, since EVERYONE in the Pit listens to the Jonas Brothers, they're clearly advertising for the benefit of those who are new to the site.
People still care about them? I thought it was all bout the beiber beaver nowadays
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The ads are served automatically, and they're not specific to UG. What you see is simply what people are paying to advertise on those particular ad networks.

If you have a legitimate problem with some advertisement, report it here.