So I found a guitar on ebay:


I'm wondering if this is just a scam or if this is a quality guitar. Do you guys think that this is worth the price tag? It seems to be a very fine quality instrument but I have never heard of this brand before, and I'm also curious as to if this "Pro-Ceed" brand was ever linked to ESP.
Thanks for any help guys.
Pro -Ceed was a smaller company that ESP bought out and took over their production etc. They made a few guitars with the name on there and then stopped production.

I don't know what to make of the custom order bit. Sounds fishy, especially with no serial # that I saw, and no paperwork.
so the only thing that I should really worry about is the lack of paperwork?

Thanks for all the help guys.
Chances are, if it's a custom, there won't be a serial number because there's not another guitar in existence quite like it.

But the paperwork part seems a little sketchy, although it could just have been lost.

It looks WAY too good to be a fake.
No paperwork, no legitimization, no deal. Especially if you'll be paying, at minimum, $1400 for it. It looks nice, and I'd be inclined to believe it's a custom, but if he can't authenticate it, you shouldn't buy it.
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I concur with what's been said so far. There's plenty of nice deals, why risk it?
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Thanks guys for all the replies. From what I understand, I should either ask for paperwork or proof of authenticity or just find a different guitar considering the money I'll be spending.
Thanks again.
FWIW, that is a legitimate seller. That ebay store is pretty much the only place you can get Edwards guitars at a reasonable price in America. I would trust it, but it's your choice.

If you're paranoid about authenticity though, you could find an ESP Horizon FRII for that money. It'd take a bit of searching, but it's definitely possible.
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yeah, like evverybody said, its real. they were doing it for a little while, but then they just stopped for some reason. I was considering getting that exact same one from that seller, but I decided to get a normal esp standard horizon fr2. even though its roughly 1900$ for a brand new one from a reputable dealer.
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