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Wow, haven't posted here in a while, well this is my latest creation. It was really just sort of a experiments with software, effects, and time signature. So don't expect greatness in the transitions and such.

Well yeah just give feedback, leave a link, I'll do the same. Enjoy!
Sound quality was good.

One thing i didn't like in the first minute were the drums. The rest of the music builded up until the 1min mark, but the drum was just like a big drum break during it, it doesn't give that "build up" sensation. But once pass that, the rest was good. Just maybe at some points - again, the drums - the drum breaks doesn't fit the style of the track IMO.

Overall, i like the mood you depicted in this, i could totally see it in an old gansgter movie. Good track !
Yes, I was having trouble with those beginning drums:/ I knew someone would point that out. I will try my best to rework them. Do you mean as soon as they come in or the part after with the third swell guitar?
As soon as they kick in IMO. Maybe just use the kick at the start (going "dum......dum dum......dum dum...... etc etc) and like, 4 bars before the 1min mark, use the heavier tom and snare going in a ascending way.
That was quite unusual! What is that at 1:33? I agree the intro drums have a few problems, but that should be fixable. Some really interesting tones, not sure if they are all "keyboards" or what (though I'm pretty sure I hear some guitar). I hope you take this as a compliment: this music is surprisingly sophisticated for someone your age, in my opinion. The audio quality was good. Overall, quite entertaining to listen to. Feel free to elaborate on the "keyboards". Please review my music at this link:

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I'll work on it tomorrow! Thanks for that, I see it now, I will try to figure a solution out.

And everything is on keyboard (besides drums) I just used a GBJam Pack (Rhythm Section) instrument (Vintage Electric) through Amplitube 3 (Using the Orange Amp model, and Jazz amp and using the Whammy, Reverb, Delay, Swell, Wah, And Phaser - and a mid boost EQ) I try to make it as real to a guitar as I can, but as a guitarist, I like effects. So it gives off some synth-y elements, buts that's what I do on the real thing (I just have more toys)

I'll check yours out tommrow.
Thoughts upon listening:
Like the sound of the intro.
Very ominous when the drums and the bass comes in.
The fade in-guitar sounds cool.
Drums sound a bit wierd, but suits the song.
The synth at around 1:25 has a cool sound to it.
Mixing and sound quality is damn near perfect.

From the sound of this song, you're very good at playing and recording, and have lots of cool ideas. Now, this comes of more as - as you said - an experiment, or possibly some kind of soundtrack, then an actual song, but it has enough ideas and material for multiple ones.
Haunting man. Sounds like it should be in a badass remake of Super Mario World. I love the part at 1:42 ish. The whole song has a ton of ups and downs. You are a talented composer for sure. Mind telling me what you used to record?
So... Jeff Lynne is still making music.. all is well.

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Logic Pro. If God created a music program, that would be it.

And thanks man, I spent lots of time on it, glad you liked it!