ok so i have been sweeping for awhile and i can do it pretty well. When i move from the low e to the high e i can mute all of the strings after i go past them, but i'm not sure how to mute them when going back from the high e to the low e because my palm of my picking hand can't mute the notes that have already been played because they are lower, literally, then the ones that i want to sound. Can anyone tell me how to fix this, and sorry this isn't too clear it's kind of hard to explain.
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try using your fingers, i always try to keep my sweeps so that my index finger can mute any notes that accidentily ring out. But something else you ight want to try is practicing hitting the notes on time so that theres no need to mute, look up matt haeffys (trivium) video on this website showing how to do it.
well, i just make sure that i mute them as well as possible with my left hand when im pulling my finger up.
You mute with you're fingers, just a light touch on the string you just left. With the finger you're using to fret the new note. If that makes sense, like you use the pad of you're finger to fret then the part below it to hold over the string. You can test this by fretting said note then picking the string that you are trying to mute. If you're doing it right it should sound almost almost palm muted.
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