So i just bought a PRS Torero and want to put my old guitar into drop c. Well for some reason i put a dimebucker into my Ibanez RG370. It sounds like ass IMO. You guys think it would be a lil better in drop c? Or should i follow my gut and put the INF 4 back in? I just wanna play some bodom. Thoughts? Advice? Any other high output pups you highly reccommend? No emgs. The torero has that covered. Thanks!
No, the Dimebucker is pretty shite no matter what you tune to. Put the INF back in, it actually sounds a lot better
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Yes its in my ibanez. I wouldnt dare ruin my beautiful new prs (got it home like 3 hrs ago). And i do think the INF 4 is going back in, just wanted to make sure downtuning wouldnt bring out 'the true tone' of the dimebucker. I guess its just a $#itty pup.